Snow load damages reported in Japan

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  • Corresponding news confirm the importance of diligent engineering assuming the correct load combinations of wind, snow, dead loads and seismic loads. Hand-in-hand-Engineering of Geotechnical and Structural Engineer – like AquaSoli can provide it – are a decisive advantage in scoping this hazards. Use AquaSolis one-and-a-half decade experience in Geotechnical Design, Civil Design and Structural Engineering to safeguard your investments in solar.

Japan-Management of AquaSoli – Axel Beese passes baton to Julian Heiß.


  • Japan-Management of AquaSoli – Axel Beese passes baton to Julian Heiß.
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  • We thank Axel Beese for his great job he did while leading the Japanese AquaSoli Entity. His successor – the civil engineer Julian Heiß – is already well known to clients from many technical projects in Japan. Thus we are confident to face a smooth transition and that our valued clients and business partners will continue this trustful relationship with AquaSoli G.K.

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AquaSoli LLC offers a wide range of services:

  •         Geotechnical Services & Pullout
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  •         Civil Design
  •         Geodesy & 3D-Modeling
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Solar Power International, September 10-13, Las Vegas, NV
We are excited to announce that AquaSoli LLC will be participating at SPI as an exhibitor. Join us at our booth 1957. There we can discuss how AquaSoli can assist you in your project. Learn more and register for SPI

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Through the use of our many professional engineering services, AquaSoli can save your company time, money and help you avoid the pitfalls of project development by adopting an early assessment strategy for your projects. Our services include: • Pre-Development Survey and Assessment • Soil Surveys • Corrosion Evaluation • Foundation Load Testing • Foundation Design • Foundation Risk Assessment Services • Structural Design Analysis • Site Civil Design including Road and Trench planning • Storm Water Management • Land-fill Survey and Assessment • Assessment / Remedial Services for aging solar farms. AquaSoli is proud to have performed over 2000 projects since our inception in 2003, for a total of over 11 Gigawatts of services to date without issue. Please stop by our booth number 1957 in the Bavarian Pavilion and see how AquaSoli can partner with you to solve your project challenges.

Meet Aquasoli at the SPI 2015 in Anaheim

Meet Aquasoli at the SPI 2015 in Anaheim!


Solar Power International, September 14-17, Anaheim, CA
We are excited to announce that Jürgen Schmid (CEO) will be participating at SPI as a poster representative. Join Jürgen for the Poster Reception where he will be discussing how to avoid damages by approbiate Pile Design. Learn more and register for SPI at



Wir laden Sie herzlich ein, die Lichtkunst zu bestaunen, die Sigi Bußinger geschaffen hat – angetrieben von Sonnen- und Wasserkraft.
Auftaktveranstaltung findet morgen, 21.2.2015, 17 Uhr statt.
Fürs leibliche Wohl und für Musik ist gesorgt.

Ort: Krämer’sche Kunstmühle, Birkenleiten 41, 81543 München.

Die Ausstellung geht bis zum 1.3.2015.
Mehr Informationen zum Künstler:






Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten! Gesegnetes Neues Jahr! A Happy, blessed New Year!

Blue Star of Betlehem? GREEN ENERGY DRIVES BLUE STAR ARTBlueStarSigiBussinger

We wish you a merry Christmas 2014 and a blessed Happy New Year 2015!

Green Power for Blue Star

Green Power for Blue Star

AquaSoli wünscht Frohe Weihnachten und ein gesegnetes Neues Jahr!

EnglishFlagThe Munich Artist Sigi Bußinger ( had a dream: His  work – a three meter large blue star – should start shining solely powered by renewable energy. At the Munich Headquarter of AquaSoli now this “green dream” comes true every evening: In the river of the Auer Mühlbach a 5 kW Microturbine plus an “on-shore” photovoltaik installation jointly deliver the necessary voltage for the art projekt. The PV installation was planned and errected by AquaSoli whose engineers are worldwide working for renewable energy projects ( Both forms of energy – water as well as solar – are getting integrated by a special energy management system which charges the connected accumulators and supplies the “star art” of Sigi Bußinger with the necessary energy.

GermanFlagDer Münchner Lichtkünstler Sigi Bußinger ( hatte einen Traum: Seine bis zu 3 Meter großen Werke sollten nur durch die Kraft regenerativer Energie (er)strahlen. Am Firmenstandort von AquaSoli in München wird täglich von 17 – 22 Uhr dieser Traum Wirklichkeit: Im Auer Mühlbach schwimmt ein 5 kW Mikrowasserkraftwerk, entwickelt für Regionen ohne Anschluss an das Stromnetz: Am Ufer liefert eine Photovoltaikanlage Solarstrom für das Kunstprojekt. Die Solaranlage wurde geplant und errichtet von AquaSoli, deren Ingenieure weltweit für Projekte regenerativer Energienutzung arbeiten ( Die beiden Energieformen Wasserkraft und Sonnenstrom integriert ein Energiemanagmentsystem, leitet es an die Kunstwerke von Sigi Bußinger und lädt die Akkus.