CEO Dipl. -Ing. Jürgen Schmid

Juergen Schmid is the associate managing director at AquaSoli. He studied civil engineering at the Technical University Munich and received his Master of Science (Dipl.-Ing.) in 1998.

Schmid gained engineering experience in projects all over Europe, North America, Africa and South East Asia. He is an expert in environmental and geotechnical engineering, pile constructions, engineering of sealing systems for waste deposits and statical engineering for flood protection and hydraulic constructions such as dams and dikes.

Juergen is fluent in German and English and has also a knowledge of Spanish and Bahasa Indonesia.

AquaSoli Team

Our experienced team is composed of civil engineers, geologists, environmental engineers, town planners, draftsman, designers, material testers and technicians.

We work interdisciplinary and are extremely effective as a team. When needed, we also integrate free lancers with special capabilities.

We are service oriented - not thinking in terms of problems, but searching for realistic solutions to be presented to the customer - and combine well approved methods with trailblazing innovations.