Geotechnical Surveying
& Consulting

The building ground for projects of regenerative energies is examined by direct exposures (bore and pit holes), indirect methods (dynamic penetration tests as well as vane tests), test loadings and laboratory tests.

AquaSoli generates reports, which are the basis for draft, proof and execution of a foundation which can be successful in technical and economical terms.

PV-Layout Planning
& Cost-Benefit-Analysis

Photovoltaic power plants, bio-mass powerplants, water- and windpower plants need to have a foundation which is not only secure but also economically reasonable.

By doing dynamic cost-effective analysis and cost-benefit analysis we help our customers to compare the potential returns through investment in different project alternatives to gain renewable energies.

Quality Assurance
& Due Diligence

We homogenize the time course of primary investments, consequential costs and benefits by discounting different cost-benefit scenarios considered in the sensitivity analysis.

While AquaSoli delivers development plans for projects of renewable energies, we simultaneously consider public and private concerns, including environmental effects.

Geotechnical Engineering & Civil Engineering Worldwide

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the decade of fossil fuel and atomic energy comes to an end worldwide. Even though the subsidies for photovoltaik energy got lower in the past a great future is forecasted for the global development of regenerative photovoltaic energy.

I would like to inform you personally about the solutions, which AquaSoli is able to provide to you, aiming at a brighter future of power plants.

Our team is able to proceed worldwide the following topics:

    Services Testloadings for rammpiles and helix acc. to the valid standards as basis for an econimic and safe foundation design

    Services Ground surveys for all necessary supplies on site like roads and transformer stations with design of the basement

    Services Chemical analyses for the determination of corrosivity of the building ground

    Services Field measurements of the site surface with Leica Geosystems for 3D-models as basis for the layout planning of PV-plants

    Services Shadow optimized layout planning for solar fields with Helios 3D, AutoCad (Civil 3D) for different scenarios

    Services Electrical engineering of solar parks, including the forecast of power

Please also download our companies brochure in PDF format HERE and watch our video below! AquaSoli is your experienced partner with expert knowledge of over 8GWp of solar parks!

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