President’s Day – Special Edition Photovoltaic Projects on Landfills

AquaSoli: Nomination of Vice-CEO // CEO Juergen Schmid speaks at PV East America about PV on Landfills

President’s Day – Special Edition
Photovoltaic Projects on Landfills

*** Make them succeed with AquaSoli ***

CEO Juergen Schmid, AquaSoli, speaks about PV on landfills at PV EastCEO Jürgen Schmid spoke at PV East America about “Photovoltaic plants on landfills and abandoned sites”

“Planning PV projects on landfills has to take slope angle, layering of the covering system, water house hold and differentials settlement issues into consideration” says CEO Jürgen Schmid  “AquaSoli has helped to complete more then two dozens of such projects”, and the customers are very happy with the results. Juergen Schmid took part in an expert discussion after speaking about “Photovoltaic plants on landfills and abandoned sites” at the PV East in Philadelphia.
If you missed the expert discussion – here we have it ready for you:

GPS-LayoutPlanning-StackOut1.Rationalization and diversification

a.       From a specialized engineering firm with a narrow focus we have developed into a full-scale planning company. We can offer turnaround planning with the geotechnical investigation and land survey integrated with our planning team, which can then provide the layout-, electrical-, grading-, and road-planning. This “key- turn- solution” is preventing mistakes which might happen if different partners have to work together on one project.
b.      In addition to PV, we offer our services for CSP and wind-powerplants.
c.       Our engineers also cover structural engineering topics and can provide the statical proofs for aluminium- and steel-works.
d.      We have invested in the latest planning software for renewable energy plants. All planning services can be provided out of one hand without any loss of information between different contractors.
e.      We also use the latest software to perform output- and economical analysis, which are double-checked by our own calculations.
f.        For small- to medium-sized projects (50 kW – 100 kW), we have developed a new approach for the foundation design and are able to offer this method for very low prices.

AquaSoli - International projects2.    Internationalization

a.       We are moving with customers and markets. Along with the past three month we achieved construction sites in Japan, England, France, Puerto Rico and the United States with 55 MWp all together. Our employees speak the languages of the booming solar markets, as English, German, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, and Spanish.
b.      We used to work in different time-zones across the globe. 24-hours our server is accessed by employees in Europe, USA, Africa, the Near East, and Asia. Rather than a restraint, we use the time-difference to work faster on critical projects.
c.       The US- and Canadian-markets are covered by our independent daughter-company AquaSoli LLC, which has its main office in San Francisco.
d.      Leading markets for AquaSoli in 2013 are the US, UK, Japan, Baltic States, East Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

AquaSoli-ViceCEO3.    AquaSoli-Leadership

Manfred Karl was appointed Vice-president by founder and CEO Jürgen Schmid in 2012. After career in tunnel construction, the civil engineer joined AquaSoli. We wish him all the best for his new responsibilities and tasks.


AquaSoli-NewHeadquarter4.    New head office

After an substantial growth over the past years, the German headquarter is now located in the heart of Munich in an renewed mill-building entirely supplied with renewable energy.
The US-office is located next to the beautiful Bel Marin Keys in Marin County, which have been restored to their original sate in the past years and are now housing countless native bird species again.

AquaSoli-TestFacility5.    R&D and approved quality management

A new state-of-the-art test-facility was constructed at our German headquarters in 2012. Furthermore employees of the company have been approved by the TÜV for renewable energy planning, one of the highest standards for quality work.
At the new test-facility newly developed piles with higher bearing capacity and foundation elements have been tested with leading racking manufacturers. The improvement of foundations and quality control remains to be our main goal in 2013..

AquaSoli-ProduktPuzzleJointly with our clients

„… in 2013 we continue to contribute our engineering to create a new infrastructure of renewable energies.“ (Jürgen Schmid, CEO AquaSoli)

Key Competencies of AquaSoli are Cost-Benefit-Analysis, Geodetical Surveying, Layout Planning, Electro Engineering for Residential, Roofs, Farmland and Recycled Land, Geotechnical Foundation Design for Fixed Tilt and Tracker PV-Systems.

AquaSoli-Project example Bedrock, Colorado, 1.1MWpProject Example: Bedrock/ Colorado, 1.1 MWp

The depicted plant (copyright: SFlex inc.) delivers PV power in Bedrock. AquaSoli contributed its geotechnical engineering for this 1.1MWp – plant situated in this magic Colorado canyon scenery.

AquaSoli-TeamIncreasing global competition in the global Solar market – AquaSoli is among the market leaders for pv civil engineering

Until recently, the Solar market has been a phenomenon concentrated on a handful of European countries that where pushing the development with massive funding. These funding are constantly decreasing and the focus has clearly diversified over the last years, with more and more players acting on an international scale to meet the demands in different countries. Part of this global growth of the solar market is the never-ending  aim of reducing costs to make Solar power an effective energy source next to other, conventional sources. The offer of “key- turn- solutions” including geotechnical and electric engineering is one advance of our team.
Good to have partners like AquaSoli, that have already prepared for these new conditions: With rationalization, diversification, internationalization, R&D and approved quality standards, we are ready to meet the upcoming challenges.